Spells drastically slow the game when using outside audio

  1. Bug

  2. My message box speed is set to INSTANT, so most messages go away immediately if I tap the A button. Normally, the game won’t let me tap away the spell messages (eg, “Brim Smith casted Holy Explosion on your creatures”) until the animation completes, which makes sense. However, when you are listening to outside audio (eg, the Music app or a podcast app) the delay on the spell message seems much longer, and the next few messages are also delayed by 5-10 seconds even if they would normally be immediately skippable (like “Brim Smith took 423 damage”). So every time someone casts a spell, the game slows to a crawl for a few messages.

  3. iOS

  4. 2.0.7

I reported this bug earlier. It’s fixed in 2.0.9 :3

Good to hear, thanks Juncboks.

And thank you for continuing to post the bug you find! Each one fixed brings the game closer to bug-free greatness!

2.0.9 is out for iOS now, and I’m still experiencing this bug.

If you’re listening to background audio anyway, could you guys try disabling sound effects in the options menu? That should fix the problem.

Yes, disabling the sound effects and restarting the app made the bug stop happening.