Spellweaver Issue regarding Perks

I’m remaking this topic to make it more specific, so I do apologize for reposting a similar topic.

I’ve noticed for one of the 2 Spellweaver perks; Chrono Shift and Temporal Anomaly, they still use up charges even when an Arcane Buff is present, I’ve been paying attention to this issue for a bit but not sure if this is something that’s intentional or a bug.

I noticed a problem when I double-checked the arcane buff, casting a spell removes the arcane buff but doesn’t account for the Chrono Shift and Temporal Anomaly perks, unless that’s intentional.

Arcane is removed after you cast a spell, in this case it’s the first spell you cast. So, it is correct that these two perks still cost charges.

So this is one of the places where actions aren’t simultaneous?

I’m always a bit confused when some actions aren’t simultaneous.