Spoiler Alert! - If you don't like spells...

A poor choice for the arena perhaps… but my cup of tea.

Yep! So many people complained about enemy spells being too strong and things like that, so I figured this would be a great on/off switch.

I can totally see that as a new side monster for major sigals. Have a power team for inter level, and a surviver team for signal battles.

I don’t think this creature is a really good option to fight sigils monsters at high levels. You really need to cast spells when the opponent is so strong that even you best nether creatures do something like 200 or 300 damage.

Oh. My. Goodness. I want that creature.

Until I get better artifacts to defend vs various effects, spells are just damned annoying right now.

Im still am at that point where I’m either smashing through the other team, or I am getting decimated by them. I haven’t gotten into many major signal fights yet, as I don’t need the materials as I don’t have the extra resources put away to build artifacts yet. Working on my first neither creature and its so draining to my resource pool.

Nether creatures are powerful, but good artifacts are more important. Normal creatures can be competitive at the highest levels if you combine the right abilities on your team, but even a low level team needs artifacts.

Even if you cannot afford or access legendary materials, it well worth the investment to equip every creature with an artifact and enchant with found materials as they come across. I would prioritize it before nether creature building. Soon you will be hunting for rare crafting materials longer than it takes to gather resources, and you can get back to making your nether creature.

What happens if a Necromancer with Black Mirror equips a Hurricane with a Hurricane Enhancer?

a) 50% chance for enemy spells to fizzle (one skill activates, two don’t)
b) 100% chance for enemy spells to fizzle (two or more skills stack)
c) three 50% chances for enemy spells to fizzle (skills activate separately)



You can’t stack any abilities by equipping the same creature with an artifact that grants its innate ability. In fact, most abilities don’t stack at all right now, but that’s being changed in the update that will be coming out in a few days.

To answer your question about how Black Mirror interacts with the Hurricane’s ability: the game first checks if the spell should fizzle using Black Mirror (25% chance at max rank), and if it doesn’t fizzle, it’ll check the Hurricane’s ability after that (50% chance).

I assumed the checks were ordered, rather than stacked.i don’t mind that way, but I’m very excited to hear that there will be some ability stacking soon! Percent checks have been working funny in some situations, so I hope that’ll clear some of it up!