SPOILERS STAY AWAY. The After-Game $ Suggestions

First I’d like to say, this certainly scratches that itch for a DQM style game, it’s absolutely amazing, I gave it a big thumbs up on Steam, bought a few extra copies for friends and have harassed several others into buying it themselves, it’s absolutely amazing. I also want to say you’ve done an excellent job of knocking out hot fixes steadily and quickly, and am eager to see where the game goes.

[size=36pt]SPOILERS BEYOND AVOID[/size]

I found personally that as a Nature Mage, Speed Casters are my friend, I really think some balancing should be done for spells, My creatures are all in their 60s, and I am running through level 80-90 creatures hitting them for 7-10K, all spells just do so, sooo much damage, maybe tone them down a bit, or make them scale harder off of stats.

The late game god grind, now to be fair, this is somewhat lopsided for me, because two of the easiest realms to get favor in bugged out for me. (Lister and Torun) But it feels as though you get deity points super, super slow, maybe I haven’t unlocked it yet but, perhaps an Altar of Blood Punishment that Doubles/Triples favor gain could be added? I dunno what you could use to counter it but, I just feel like it’d take forever to get the gods all cozy to you.

Breeding- For the love of all things holy and unholy, give us a better idea of how Breeding works… I breed 2 +2 Creatures and get a +2 Creature, does that mean it’s the same strength? Is it stronger then it’s parents? I’m so, so, so confused as to how this works, I really am. On that note, the library says they get a higher Gene strength if they are “close to your level” if that is infact taken into account, can we get a Blood Altar that stops just the player from gaining experience, but not your creatures? That’d be nice if that’s the case.

So, that boss fight…hoooly crap there was a lot of screaming and anger, for quite awhile. (I’ve been at the point I could fight Misery for about 8 hours now, I just now finally beat him.) At first I thought the battle was very poorly planned, and that it was just shoving the player’s face in their hard work. No Traits and no artifact Traits absolutely destroyed my team, it was picked apart in seconds. (Sometimes when he went first, he’d literally wipe my entire party on his first turn.) It took me a lot of grinding and juggling of gems to get to a point where I could actually beat him, I still feel a bit “cheap” for how I did it but never the less. It was the first time since I played I was actively forced to swap out a creature for a Life Creature, so kudos for that. I also enjoyed the storyline, as slim as it was, I thought it was pretty amusing and made sense. I do however warn that, I think many players are going to hit a wall at this point, some will quit out of frustration, at least for awhile. It renders a lot of planning pointless, and the battle seems to care more about monster level, then party planning. The second stage of the fight also seemed…I dunno, kinda pointless perhaps? Maybe it was just my setup but, he didn’t get a single attack in during his second phase, is that intended?

Nether Realms- I was quite sad to see that you didn’t get more favor in them, I was really, really hoping you would honestly, but I guess that’s not a real big issue. The monsters def, live up to their realm though, had more near death experiences in the Nether realm then everything except the Misery fight combined. Will be able to expand upon this more later on when I am capable of running through them somewhat reliably.

Artifact Realms- Haven’t unlocked them yet, super excited for them though.

Overall 10/10 super fun game, I sadly work all day for the next few days so I won’t be able to play as much, definitely going to be playing more of this! :slight_smile: