Stable Experience

I currently have ZERO points in “Scholarly Stable”

However, my creatures seem to be gaining experience when I leave them in the Stable.

This is fine, but I am not sure how/why the creatures are gaining experience.

Is it possible that Creatures naturally gain a percentage of your XP when sitting in the Stable and that Scholarly Stable just increases that bonus XP? (If so, the text of Scholarly Stable should be changed to add the word “additional”. [E.g., “additional X%”])

Is it possible that some creatures were gifted from gods? Their level match the realm level you obtained them in.

Oh, maybe that is what I am seeing, most of the creatures in my stable were indeed gifted to me from gods.

Thanks! (I feel foolish)

I double-checked and I am definitely earning XP for all creatures in my Stable.

This is perfectly fine, but if this is intended then Scholarly Stable should be reworded.