Stable groups and breeding

I have a few teams I like, and each team has a stable group. I love that system! It seems to encourage multiple teams more. Anyways, I also like to breed new creatures for my bestiary. If something in a breeding pair is in my current group, it has a little star by the name. That is a great way to sort of say “hey, by the way this is not just another random creature, you sure you want this one?” because sometimes yes, I was breeding my party. And most of the time oh my gosh no lets use a different creature for that pair. As far as I know, there is no indication when a creature is part of one of my stable group teams. I don’t want to accidentally breed a stable team member just to make a random creature. For now I just am careful to remember what is on my teams, but I imagine this is going to get harder the more I play and therefore the more teams I have (one specialized for each mission for example.) Is there any way to put something like the star on creatures that are part of a stable group? Or even better, have an extra confirmation screen for anything in a stable group or on your current team? It would help avoid mistakes in breeding =)

Or maybe this exists and I just have not figured it out, like the other thing I suggested. Either way, thanks for reading!

Another semi-related thing that I think would be amazing is the option to breed without making a new creature. I want to get more gene strength in certain stats, and unfortunately sometimes the creature I would love to mix with my team for gene purposes would make my team into different creatures. (Specifically I have a demigod that I want to mix with Necropolis for +HP and +Def. That combo makes a new thing though.) Maybe it could be done as an extra option with the breeder that is “I want to breed for genes only.”? Not completely needed, but it would be nice to have =)

That’s already supported by the game, after a fashion; breeding two of the same creature together will result in the same creature, with a higher gene strength. It’s not perfect in that it doesn’t let you breed anything with anything just for gene strength though, the closest alternative would be to think a step ahead and breed that Necropolis with something else, and then breed the result with your Demigod.

I rename all of my creatures in stable groups for just this reason. It also helps to prevent accidentally putting the same creature on 2 different teams (unintentionally).

Just want to point out that there are many cases where breeding X with X (both the same species) does not generate an offspring of the same species… (for example, moon hunter x moon hunter does not give a moon hunter offspring…)