Stabled creatures receiving less XP

ver 0.0.41

I suspect that stabled creature XP is based upon the total XP you receive during battle.
However, if you have creatures at level cap, you receive much less total XP.
If you have all 6 creatures capped, the only XP you receive is for your Mage.
Thus, stabled creatures gain entirely much less XP when that occurs.

Seems this was fixed in 0.0.42.

Will update and test!

[quote=“Psylisa, post:2, topic:4149”]Seems this was fixed in 0.0.42.

Will update and test![/quote]

Tested, stabled creatures are not receiving enough XP.
Had a level 22 creature stabled. Went to fight level 100 mobs with a max team.
Cleared a realm.
Stabled creature still at level 22.

Thanks, hopefully I’ll have it fixed this time.

ver 0.0.43

Can confirm they are receiving more XP now. Cleared stage 100, about 10 fights - creature in the stables went from lv 22 to 29 even when my creatures were capped.