Stacking of mutant Spinewhipper ability?

Siralim 2.0.19, Android 5.0. Does the Mutant Spinewhipper’s ability, Lash of Undeath, stack? If so, how is a party of 6 spinewhippers not invincible? Ability: “When any of your other creatures are attacked, 20% chance to prevent the damage.”

Afterthought: if offensive spells received don’t count as attacks, they might be an exception to the ability.


It stacks with each of the 20 percents being rolled individually - that’s how most abilities work so as to prevent imbalance.

That makes sense. Thank you for the prompt reply and for the awesome game!

With 6 of them, you only have about a 26% chance of taking damage. With 6 of them, and the respective legendary that gives the same on all of them, you’d only have about a 7% chance of taking damage. If there was also a nether demon ability, and you had that on all 6, you could get the chance down to a little under 2%.

You would still be vulnerable to spells, though. And probably effects as well… even though you don’t take damage, it would probably proc poison, burn, etc…

An artifact with the same ability as thebcreature it wears is not supposex to stack. So it wiill probably not work. You could however equip 6 Crypt Bats with those artifacts.

A small math error: Lash of Undeath protects your other creatures so it is only 0.8^5 chance to be hit (33%).