Start battle with barrier on artifact

what is this barriers value? some % of defense or is it a flat value?

anyone know?

If I remember correctly, barrier cannot exceed… either 50 or 100% of a creatures health, which kills all the potentially strong defensive and offensive barrier applications. Shell + shell runes is still bae :slight_smile:

yea im just trying to figure out if putting barrier on my artifact with smith trait is worth it, would like to know the value of the barriers it would create.

I’ve tried that and even with the 10% hp for every lifegem stacked, enemy damage outscales you so quickly trying to migitate the number isn’t worth it, always go for negating the damage in some way.

yea im not going to use it at all, was just experimenting with War Forged and if it was worth it to even get barrier on start. so will just stick with ward/grace/protect