Starting options

I suspect at least some of these points have been raised, before. That said, I didn’t notice them; and I figure there’s no harm in mentioning the lot. They can always be accepted or discarded. After all, you spent the blood and money to make the game, and you bear the burden of success (or failure). So I’m just nudging from the sidelines, so to speak. :wink:

That said:

I’d like to see more player customization at the start: such things as “more resources available” and “fewer resources available,” an “easy” level for those who want their monsters to have more HP, and a “harder” difficultly for those who want less. “More powerful spells” for those who want their attack spells to do damage at least equal to what their units deal out (I typically do about a quarter to half damage). “More chests” and “less chests,” “more scrolls,” "less scrolls, etc. Doesn’t have to be done from a succession of pages; could be done on one page, with a series of checkboxes.

Please don’t get me wrong. The current options are very good, and better than those available in many games out there. But it can never hurt to give players a greater number of meaningful options before the start of a game. Or so I like to think.

Finally, a “skip tutorial” for those who have played once, and want to start with all the opening conditions in place rather than the series of castle quests to get you up to speed. (And I think that lengthy tutorial, by the way, is one of the best I’ve ever seen.) Just give the items and achievements that take you up to at least the blacksmith quest to the player.

That’s it from me. I only purchased the game yesterday, and find it an interesting and distinctive spin on a rogue. Good job. :slight_smile:

Hi there, welcome to the forums and I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the game!

I agree that it would be pretty nice to have more options available at the start of the game. I can’t promise anything quite yet, but it’s something that I want to come back to later on and see what can be added.

Just so you know, one of the options when starting a new game is to enable or disable the Castle Quests. This removes all the tutorial quests entirely and allows you to jump into the game immediately.

Thanks! I overlooked this. :slight_smile: