Stat-Gains have SKIP option

Some of my favorite builds in Siralim 2 and now in Siralim 3 are stat-gain builds, i love the new limits, but when you have a bunch of stacking traits it can take MINUTES to get through all the stat gain texts even on Turbo. Can we please have an option to skip all Stat gain text or condense them? I don’t know what the back-end looks like but being able to skip the 75+ text popups on every turn with some builds would be incredibly helpful : ) Thank you and great game!!

Example: I am using
Ugat w/Artifact: Ordinary Abonormality. He uses Fury Swipes, which is doubled.
Then Forest Priest, w/artifact Echolocation
Then Bard Balladeer w/artifact Abomination
Then Pulse Bat w/Sidewinder
Then revenant cabalist w/artifact fan dance
then Troll knife juggler w/artifact Surge

So i use fury swipes, which sets off 2x Echolocations
Then i use defend on the cabalist, which sets off about 70+ stat gains as abomination procs on every doubled-buff
it gets crazy…
Thanks for your time and consideration on this option : )

wow umadbro :stuck_out_tongue:
fun things though :))
didnt even think in that direction ever

i hope a lot of things like that can be partially cached/quickened, looks like fun.
Atm i spend most of time resolving builds that doesnt eat any time at all - there are some nuts things to try out there, but i see no reason if combat will take 5 min instead of 20-30 sec