Stat scaling

I feel like Im spamming the forum with questions, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

A somewhat split question:
I read somewhere that how different stats scale depends on the creature. Can we see how much it will typically scale by what their original base stats are? As in, a creature with a base of 40 attack, will always scale attack better than one that starts out with 35?

Also, if you make a nether creature, will the base scaling still play an important role, or will the base scaling then typically be neglectible?

Example: Creature has high base scaling for attack, another has low base scaling for attack, you make a nether creature with 25 green gems and 8 green activations out of both. Will the creature with the highest scaling still get alot more attack than the other one, or will they get “~the same” amount?

I read somewhere that creatures gain 20% of each base stat every level. No idea whether or not that’s still the case.

This is correct. So the higher a statistic is at level 1, the more growth you get per level in that statistic.

Thanks! :slight_smile: