Statue Effect messes up Viper Occultist's extra damage

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Whenever I get the statue effect that is something like “Your creatures will strike before enemy creatures until you leave this realm”, my Viper Occultist does dramatically less damage afterward (eg, the bonus damage goes from 900 to 100 or even 0). The bonus damage is based on how much more Speed the Viper Occultist has than its target, so I assume that the statue effect is messing up the Speed calculation somehow.

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I’m not sure, but it seems to decrease the Spider Occultist’s damage as well. It’s a much smaller effect than for the Viper, so I might be imagining it.

This ability is changed entirely in a patch that is currently being processed by Apple, so I guess this bug will be obsolete in a few days. Thank you for the report!

Ok, thanks. It sounds like quite a few bugs have been fixed in the upcoming patch, so I look forward to trying it out whenever Apple finally lets it through. :slight_smile: