Status Effect Questions

b[/b] Are the chance of turn-denial effects proccessing all equal? For example, do you have the same chance to stay Frozen as to stay Asleep, or for Ensnared to hold? It feels like about a quarter chance for all of these from the sample space I conducted, but the randomization makes my data irregular at best.

b[/b] When someone is granted a Barrier, how is its strength computed? I’ve seen several effects that just say “Barrier” without commenting on density. Does it default to the Siren Oracle 30%?

b[/b] If I use an artifact/creature that afflicts status in combination with an an artifact/creature that consumes status to deal damage (I.E. Lethal Smog or Catching Fire ability), which triggers first? Do I get the damage bonus for the status affliction I caused, or does the game check for consumption on the damage step, then applies effects afterwards?

  1. Each of them works a bit differently. Frozen creatures only have a chance to unfreeze if they try to attack - otherwise they’ll stay frozen forever. Snared creatures can’t do anything and have a flat percentage chance each turn to break out, otherwise they skip their turn entirely. Sleep is similar to Snare, but has a much lower chance to wake up but sleeping creatures also wake up when attacked.

  2. It’s different for each effect. Which effect doesn’t explain the exact amount? I tried to add it everywhere that was feasible but I might have missed a few.

  3. In most cases, the debuff is applied first and then it is consumed right after. So if you have an artifact that inflicts Burn, the Catching Fire ability will consume it during that same attack.

The only place I’ve seen undocumented Barrier is from the Random Buff Shrine.