Staying long on normal realm issues (lag over time)

EDIT: as soon as you get more buffs then can be shown under creatures portrait in combat, you start getting massive animation lag in combat, worth looking into, think not a coincidence of just killing pandemonium adds
I mean id rather have something like buff icons and +3 in the end. i know how many buffs at all in the game. and ±1-2 doesnt matter really.

  1. multitude of buffs from pandemonium tokens seem to slow down combat
  2. combat animations slowdown after killing around 60 enemy groups

Basically it prevents you from staying too long in the same realm, game is still stable, but it looks like it listens for E key with far less attention when skipping animations. also animations will play/skip slower and slower over time.

Dont think that has connection to items since regularry using fountain.

Basically its not that important since you can always hop into next realm, but if you want to farm charms for long,
and found a very good layout realm for that, its a bit sad since it makes dumping all your 200+ charms on one map a painful process.
Probably have something to do with ‘memory leaks or whatever’ (i have no idea what is it:P). Since on leaving map lag is as good as gone.

Again maybe once you ll have free time after feature implementing schedule you ll look into that, dont want to bomb too much with minor issues.