Steam - 39 of 39 reviews positive

Not an easy feat to pull off, congratulations on all your success. As one who (one day) aspires to be an indie game dev, it’s great to see a classic style of game do so well.

I know I whined a lot about the scaling, but the itch is coming back… I’ve got the Steam version installed, probably going to start fresh again and see how far I get.


Thanks! Glad to see you’re back :slight_smile:

Siralim is up to 40 out of 40 now …

… and it has even been recommended by a Steam curator now. (I have never heard of the “Original Curators Group”, but they are the first curator to recommend Siralim, so apparently they are awesome!)

With regards to Steam reviews, one key advantage that Siralim has is that it is pretty obvious what you are getting when you buy it. Obviously, Siralim executes very well on the premise: retro-style, turn-based, monster-hunter game. And if you don’t like that kind of game, the video makes it obvious that the game isn’t for you.

We broke 50 positive reviews. Thanks to everyone who wrote a review of the game, and if you have any friends that play, get them to write a review as well! :->

Made a topic about the game earlier today on the forum for a norwegian gaming magazine. I more or less stumbled upon it myself while checking upcoming releases on steam, so thinking that some might have missed it completely. Trying to spread the word around for people to at least check out the demo, if they like these kind of games. ^^

Thank you very much! I appreciate any effort to help spread the word about the game. :slight_smile:

Not surprising considering how good this game is. I just can’t stop playing despite the aching finger from holding E down. Alas going to work is necessary for survival. I just wish there is a wiki or guide with complete creatures so i can read and plan my team while commuting and during breaks.

Yo, if you want team critique just post over in Help / Discussion. There’s a half-dozen people who’d pitch in without blinking.