Steam: Crash when exiting the game

Happened 3 days in a row now, so think I should mention it. The game stops responding when I press exit at the main menu, as far as I know it happens only after playing or having the game open in the background for extended periods of time (hours), and there is no error message except the default windows one when something like this happens.

Additional info that might be helpful:
At least the last time I exited (dont remember for the ones before) I used a custom button for the confirm button (right shift) and the cancel button (right ctrl). These are registered as “unknown” in game, but works while playing.

Was playing in windowed mode with 1x zoom.

Im using windows 7

I wouldnt say it is any big problem though, since I dont lose any progress, so it is just a minor hickup at the end of the day. :stuck_out_tongue: