Steam/iOS cross platform question

I love this game - it perfectly captures something I’ve been wanting out of a game for many years. It is so fantastic that I have bought it on both steam and iOS after learning that I can share my cloud saves between the two.

So, I did that. Everything has worked perfectly so far. But, Apple seems to be taking their time approving the 1.10 patch, and so I am concerned about clouding my save file back from PC to iOS (which is still on 1.08) in the mean time.

I tried going back and forth with a new throwaway save file and it seemed to work just fine after going from 1.10 to 1.08, but I am extremely hesitant to experiment with my main account just in case taking a 1.10 save file into 1.08 causes some not-immediately-obvious issues.

Does anyone know whether or not this is safe? It’s no big deal really if I just have to wait around for Apple to press the button and release 1.10, but since it’s quite possible that this was already anticipated and taken care of, I thought I’d check and see if I can go back to playing on iOS immediately instead of waiting.

Anyone have any idea? Thanks!

edit: Thanks so much Zack!

I’m almost positive the two versions of the game will be able to share their save files safely. You’re probably better off importing the file to an empty save slot just to be extra safe, though.

How about going back and forth from 1.1.1 PC back to 1.0.8 iOS? I didn’t see anything in the 1.1.1 patch notes that looked dangerous, but was any of the bug fixery or optimizations anything that might impact save files and make it a bad idea to switch back and forth between PC and iOS right now? Thanks again!

edit: Thanks so much yet again Zack!

Should be fine!