Still being distributed by Humble Bundle?

I ask, because just now I clicked to download–and the version available is 1.3.0. That’s a good day and a half since 2.0.1 was released. Has HB been dropped?

The game is still distributed by Humble Bundle - they’re just slow, unfortunately. When the game is released on Steam the updates will come almost instantly.

I’ll give until its 48 hours, then. Hopefully, you won’t reject an email request for a copy. This is pretty ridiculous.

When you go to Steam, will we all receive free copies, there?

Made an account to say the same thing, is it possible to get the copy of the new PC/MAC version some other way? Of course with proof that I have purchased it on the humble store.

Yes, send me an e-mail at

Yes, Humble Bundle customers receive a free Steam key.

Nevermind, don’t e-mail me, it was just uploaded on Humble Bundle. :slight_smile:

Yay finally got the new version through humble bundle. It looks great, no crashes so far.

However there is a bug in the artifact info, it lists Primary/Secondary twice instead of showing the XP progress. Not sure if this is only for the humble bundle version

Where are you seeing this, exactly? Is it in your inventory or?

Inventory yes, the pop-up info from equipped artifacts only lists things twice (but no xp info)

Here’s a description of an artifact in my inventory:

Here’s what happens when I view an item that is equipped to a creature:

Both seem to be working as intended. Am I confusing something?

In the description in inventory there is no name, level or slots. It starts with Primary Stats, and then after the secondary it immediately (without a paragraph of space) lists Primary + secondary again

the second image is the same though (didn’t realize it didn’t list kills there)

(bad image incoming)

It’s the same for all artifacts, not just this one.

Now that is strange. I’ll see if I can find out what might be causing this to happen. Thanks for the screenshot!