Strange slowdown/fps drop

Playing on a Windows 7 system. Version 0.0.4.

Occasionally the game will slowdown, like a large fps drop, for no reason. I am playing windowed, and when I click off of the game onto another screen and then back onto the game, the fps drop is fixed. I can’t seem to find a persistent cause of it, as it even happened right as I booted up the game from downloading the .4 update. Its easily fixed, but I don’t know if its just me or if it is happening to anyone else.

Edit: Forgot to mention I do have turbo mode active.

Edit 2: Seems to happen very frequently when using an enemy-all spell.


Issue is still ongoing.

My specs are more than adequate to play, and Siralim 2 doesn’t have this issue for me.

I am currently playing on a monitor that uses vsync, and I think it may be that playing it on a windowed setting is causing the issue. Is there a way for me to play with a non-bordered fullscreen?

I’ve been getting around the issue by pressing a home button on my controller, which tabs me to the steam controller option panel, and then toggling back. Having to do it multiple times in a fight is annoying though.

Does toggling “High Performance Mode” via the in-game options help at all?

Unfortunately not, that was the first thing I tried.

I’m using a GeForce 1080 TI with a 3440x1440 32 bit 60hz monitor with GSYNC enabled. All drivers are up to date.

Perhaps there is a setting on the GeForce global display application that could be causing it.

Update: I figured out what was causing the fps drops. I am using a Nvidia GeForce card that has GSYNC, but in the global options it was selected to auto-select. I made it so GSYNC was the default option for Siralim 3 and there is now no more slowdowns. Hope this may help anyone else who is experiencing this issue!

im noticing it today too, happends usually after you ve done many realms in a row, and use spells that affect all enemies extensively, also noticed lots and lots of enemies started to spawn in wrong position (not a singular issue, but 1-3 times per realm), once had to save and exit since slowdown hit to a point char couldnt move faster then 1 step per 10 seconds.
nvidia, win 7 64. yesterday didnt notice it, but again didnt have that much spells etc, so no idea. also noticed for some reason zoom 1x causes some slowdowns now - well the game starts to lag slightly as you move on map/interact with objects (it did not do it earlier, not a one time - yesterday) no matter high performance or not.