Streaming the beta on release

Hi there - I briefly discussed with Zack whether I could post this here and I’ve got the go-ahead to do so

I’m a small-time streamer (very small-time, had an extensive break for reasons I’ll not go on about) that enjoys Siralim a lot. Put hundreds (thousands?) of hours into Siralim 2 and 3, and with how this is shaping up, I’ll be sinking hundreds more.

I’m planning on streaming once the beta drops. If it drops in time, I’m hoping to stream on the 12th at 8pm GMT (converter: ). If it doesn’t, I’ll either stream a little later (up to 2 hours later) or just stream the next day.

The stream link is here: . I hope you’ll tune in and say hi, maybe while playing for yourself. I’m not the most amazing player, so I’ll be opening the floor to some limited backseat gaming, just have a bit of patience.


Followed! Will try to catch your stream and play on the 2nd monitor, 2 heads are better than 1 for team building!

Oh for sure, and thanks for the follow :slight_smile:

I’ll be running from the start and keeping a save file specifically for on-stream play if this all goes well, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens. Might name creatures after chat members for a bit of added flair. Keep things interactive as I can.

I’m actually super excited for this now.

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