strength of the world artefact

The artefyctcwith strength of the world doesnt show anyeffect. Tryed with celestial idol and unguided amarantho.

Version 2.0.25

You won’t see an effect on your stats or anything like that, your damage will just increase while in battle.

Yes but it does not increase :frowning: when all creatures are alive that would be an increase of 240% so the damage should ether be multiplied by 3.4 or 2.4, with the celestianl idol that would be ether 48% or 68% of the actual hp. That is not happening :frowning:

Percentage-of-Health attacks aren’t affected by damage bonuses. They deal X% of the enemy health, and that’s it.

Amaranth’s ability specifically states it is not affected by any other ability.

Colossal Giant’s ability is only active on Attacks.