Strife punishment and extra enemy exp in nether realm

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    The enemies that initially spawn in a nether realm rewarded roughly 26000 exp to my mage upon victory. There was a quest that said to defeat enemies (5/6). I defeated an enemy spawned by the strife punishment and it did not increase the counter. It also only rewarded about 21000 exp compared to 26000 exp. After I encountered an enemy group that rewarded 26000 exp the counter increaased to (6/6) and the quest completed.

All future enemies spawned by stife rewarded about 21000 exp only increased by 4-5 per two battle victories.

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I think previously that strife treats enemies that it spawns as not normal enemies.
Do non-normal enemies receive less exp than the ones that the realm generates.

The non-normal enemies also include in Azure’s realm the obolisk enemy spawns.

I have discovered that enemy spawns from the pandemonium token screaming give the same exp as the enemies that initially spawn on the map.

The exp difference is only present when in the nether realm I assume because the enemy stats are higher.

Enemies so far that give reduced experience (example 23000 vs 28000)
Enemies that spawn via the strife punishment
Mimic chests
Pandamonium king encounters from pandamonium tokens
Obolisk enemy spawns
Enemies spawned by facing your team in a mirrorball. (rewards an emblem)