strongest combos

Well I have been on here long enough to see some interesting and entertaining combos of monster abilities. My most recent was vs a raven acolite and fallen carnage. Wiped my whole team on turn one, didn’t get to do anything. I think a really high speed carnage would do well with some other support, like a dark brim smith in its row.
I figure we all have had other run ins like this, and they usually turn out to make good team bases. I’m wondering what other brutal combos y’all have run across. Not just ones that are normal caliber. I want to hear about those things that just turn a battle into a blood bath. Those are the ones that should be documented as assistance for newbs to work towards and others to prefect.

One that I ran into recently was Witch Doctor Sacrificer and Stronghold. The Sacrificer does a blood dance that reduces damage to all other creatures to 1, and the stronghold has a 100% effective provoke. If both those abilities get activated, normal attacks are effectively useless. I was lucky to have two occultists on my team, and their bonus damage went through anyway to take out the stronghold, but without reliable bonus damage or a useful spell, this would be game over.

Now that is a very nice combo. Can’t wait to get my hands on that doctor.

If you could set up the stronghold with the autumn aspects ability so it had at least 30% dodge with HP regen.

Demonic Hordes en masse are - pretty sickening. I ran into one with five Watchmen and an Observer, one of whom got a Mend buff. He was recovering 614 HP a turn, which is ten percent of a total HP that was at the very least 6.1k, and probably a lot more, considering I put at least 4k damage on him and he never moved past “lightly bruised” status.

Granted, the game crashed during that fight, so it could have been a bug, but I’m inclined to be intimidated.

Max out the HP on royal phoenix’s and combine with blood reaper. Add day of the dead enchantment to reapers artifact and enjoy. Hmmmm. Any opinions on this one? This seams to me to be a decent idea. Or get more day of the dead enchantment and put one on each phoenix with the enchantment that doubles the barrier gained on the reaper.

A Mite Gravedigger would be more reliable for such a combo. The phoenix would only have a 75% chance to be resurected (both 50% chances are seperate) vs 100% chance of the mite.

I don’t know the ability for the mite grave digger. I know there is a mummy that rezs as a dif creature, but not sure if that would work.

It’d work, because it’s still a death trigger. If you’re going to make a PK-themed team, take an Omnipotent Deity and think about a Lich Overseer as well. The Deity deals 15% damage to the entire enemy team any time a creature dies, and the LO has a 60% chance to ressurect every dead creature when it perishes itself.