Stronghold + Regal Golem combo

I wonder if this combo is balanced?

Sure, I’ve only reached realm level 25 and character level 42 for now, so I’ve got a lot to discover yet, but this combo is so overwhelming defensively that it already seemed mandatory even before the first boss (since both monsters are available starting from level 1) and that it is still the case now for me. I TRIED other things, but none was as efficient. For example, I tried to replace the Stronghold with a Dawn Crusader, but that’s pretty weak as the Crusader doesn’t start with Taunt and will frequently be unable to protect his teamates. In the same way, I could have tried replacing the Regal Golem with the Ent with Mend, but I didn’t even bother as I believe it doesn’t heal as much, and also it doesn’t stack with other sources of this buff. The best thing is that this combo lets you 4 available spaces for any other monsters you want, almost without any regard for defense.

Overall, it seems to me that, if I don’t have these two monsters in my team, I simply loose a lot of efficiency. In a way, it’s a good thing, since the game would be a lot harder without them. But that still seems like a balance problem, as I don’t feel as I had an especially good idea by choosing these monsters; I’m more under the impression that it’s a no-brainer and that everyone will do the same. It’s not like there was a choice I could be proud of here.


Both of these creatures are fine, in my opinion. Stronghold I feel may even be slightly underpowered because you still need to get a turn to utilize Taunt, which means the slow castle is going to have very little effect if enemies are much faster than you.

It might seem overwhelmingly good initially but it is quite bad once enemies have decent damage dealing traits and spell usage. Regal golem is fine as is, as there are myriad ways to heal and plenty of them are more versatile than this. You just happened to find a good combo for where you are in the game, which is honestly kind of the whole point in my opinion.

I also grabbed a Stronghold early on to great effect, but as time went on going last was not saving me at all. If he lives and my DPS dies, that’s no good.

But then it picked up Rally legendary material (25 percent attack and int to whole party after Provoke)… if it Provokes, it Provokes again, for escalating 25 percent returns.

Due to that he’s still useful. Such a shame I was a newbie and put it on a Ribbon…