Stubbornness punishment skips too much text

Skips some dialog with the gods
“How can I better serve you” doesn’t answer the question.
“Please tell me more about this realm” doesn’t appear either.

Along with the fortune teller in special rooms.

Doesn’t tell the player that a boss chest is sealed.

Neither for when a player tries to use items that can’t be used for some reason. Ex, charms(too many enemies in room))

Version 2.3.1

The wandering quiz “elf” does not tell the correct answer.

The drawf bets in the nether bar don’t show what you won.

Here’s some more important dialog boxes that are silenced.
Quoted from steam support forum.

darksteelhyren says


I had the new Stubbornness on, and I completed a task while in a dungeon. A new set of tasks appeared, and looking in my inventory I think I got the spell gem components, but I’m not sure because no popup appeared.

While I’m on the subject, please make Stubbornness not suppress the gods 1-time-only text. Also, please don’t kill the text informing me that my cooking is about to end, or has ended.

You also can’t view the trait descriptions on artifacts while in realm.

Also, with stubbornness on, there is a large delay when interacting with some of the spellbooks on the ground in Zonte’s realm (like 3 seconds on my fast PC)

This is probably just a side-effect of you having all the breeding pages. It still runs a search even when there’s nothing to find(probably shouldn’t though.)