stuck acquiring file hande from cloud

It used to be no problem uploading the file to the cloud. But now I get as far as selecting which file I’d like to overwrite. It confirms that I would like to overwrite it, and then

Please wait, acquiring a file handle…

I tried restarting Siralim 3 and Steam. Any way to move the savegame from the laptop to my computer?

Windows 10


the local savegame is stored under i. e.

“your hard drive”:\Users"your Name"\AppData\Local\Siralim3

I recommend copying the whole Siralim3 file because of the config data

AppData is usually hidden so you have to click View, tap Show/hide and check the Hidden Items box.

Yeah I did that, but turns out the savegame got corrupted somehow. When I continued the game, my party was empty. I checked in the stables, but the creatures that used to be in my party were just gone.

It was just a couple of hours of progress, so I just resumed the old savegame from the other machine.