Stuck on first screen in Android

I tried again to run this on my Nexus 9, updated with Android 7.1.1 just a couple days ago. With this new version I cannot get past the first screen. It asks me to press A to continue, but no amount of pressing anywhere got any response.


Do the on-screen controls appear, are they’re simply not responsive?

They appear behind the text. I tried to include an image above, but as that didn’t work here is a link:


That’s very odd! Have you made any progress in the game so far? You might need to re-install the game to fix this (I think this might be a side-effect of a fix I added to make the touch controls work correctly on all resolutions), but you’d also lose your save files so that might not be an option.

This was the first run on a fresh install. I have been enjoying the game tremendously on Windows, but I never played with the broken controls on my android tablet, and it crashed immediately on my Nvidia Shield TV. That was the previous version. I did try rebooting the device and re-running it but that didn’t change anything.

I must report, with some embarrassment, that the problem this time is player (me) error. I simply didn’t press the correct button, and after the controls being misaligned in the previous release, I went to quickly to tapping randomly all over the screen. In fact everything seems to be working fine on my Nexus 9 now.

Many apologies for the erroneous report.