SU Cloud Save Export Not Working

Hello, I have an issue where when I export my save data to the cloud it doesn’t actually save. I click cloud storage, export file, choose the file I wish to export, click the slot I wish to save it to, it then takes a couple seconds and then tells me your file has been uploaded to the cloud. The issue is that it hasn’t. I can tell if I go to import the save file, it is a different save file. My ID is consistent and this can even be replicated while using the same device (Instead of transfering between my computer and phone). I have tried changing my ID and changing it back. I have tried saving the game to another slot. None of these work. I can still save the game, just not to the cloud, making it so I can’t play the game on my phone. When I’ve been playing SU I have not had this issue until recently (maybe a month, hard to say since I haven’t had to transfer for a while). Any help is appreciated.

Are you on Windows, Mac, or Linux?

Can you also tell me your cloud ID?

Also, please either attach your save file or PM it to me. It’s in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\SiralimUltimate\save and ends in .sav.