SU occasionally crashes in lengthy battles (Switch)

Hello. Playing Siralim Ultimate on Switch. I applied the patch that was deployed recently. However, both before and after the patch, The game sometimes crashes during or at the very end of a lengthy battle. I am using a necromancer build, with lots of minions generating back and forth messages, etc.

Most battles, no problem. The issue occurs once in a while on the boss battles, if the battle is particularly drawn out. Most recently happened at depth 48. When it occurs, I get a pop up window mentioning an unexpected error. Then it forces me to the Switch home screen.

Good news is, I can re-load my most recent save, upload to the cloud, then get through the boss level on the iOS version. Ironically, on iOS I had a couple of quick wipes — then was motivated to re-think my team, which must have been the right move, since then the fight turned out to be fairly short!