Sudden death after casting sudden death

I cast sudden death game crashed.

Screenshot included. Different error this time top half of the error was an array out of bounds i believe.

Samsung note 4

I think its time to make a

Do you know what creature you were trying to cast Sudden Death on? Looks like it’s the 4th creature from the left, but I can’t tell what it is. Could you also tell me what trait(s) that particular creature has?

I am casting it on my first or my third creature. My first creature has ?Sadism? does 10% of the enemies max hp at the start of it’s turn on it’s artifact.
My third creature has die on provoke and deal the missing hp as dmg on it’s artifact. but every fight I cast chaos rift once or twice so I never know what trait sets it off but it happens once or twice a day, this time after 30 minutes of signal farming :frowning: . Because it happens rarely and because it only happens after I cast chaos rift it must be how some traits interact. I also have the death effects x 2 trait and the trait where my monster gets ?50%? stats of a creature that dies.