Sudden game initialization fail

I am new toSiralim 2 and i must admit i was really impressed by your game. I really like the game a lot, you did a great job!
On a side note, i don’t know why my app started workimg on first screen, and as i couldn’t upload a save file to the cloud during the last three hours, i would like to know if there is a solution.

Here is what happen.
As usually, before stopping playing, i do these things, and i never had a problem since i started Siralim 2:

  • Save and continue
  • Save and exit
  • Cloud options
  • Export file to cloud overwriting one previous data file

However this morning while loading saving data from device, just before uploading it to the cloud, the app stopped working with a code message i couldn’t understand.
The problem is that the error now appears suddendly as soon as i press A in the first screen.
Here is an attachment of the error i visualize.

Additional info: playing on ipad 4 updated to last iOS version.

I would not prefer to restore last cloud saving (i had a really long run in dungeons with Altar active and sigil fights) so if you could point me out a solution it would be wonderful. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, have a great day!

This issue is fixed in the latest update of the game, but unfortunately, that update keeps getting rejected by Apple. Hoping to resolve this problem very soon - sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:

Thanks! Don’ t worry, i can wait, even because cloud save cannot be restored from a backup, so it is the only way to recover my progress. :slight_smile:

I am still stucked waiting for the update… uff, Apple is annoying me this time.
Is there a way to know your cloud ID wirhour logging the game (it crashes at first screen…). I tried to reinstall it on the phone but i cannot know the ID to recover the file from…
Any tip about this?
Thanks in advance, have a nice day!