Sudden Game Lag

My siralim ultimate started being unplayably laggy, including when I made a new game. Do you know of anything that might be causing it? Seemed to just happen after an update a couple days ago. Restarting, reinstalling, closing apps, nothing’s fixed it and I am not sure what else to try or how to debug it.

Can you open up your task manager while the game is lagging and see how much memory and CPU is being used?

10-12% gpu, 269mb of memory, don’t see anything unusual here. Everything is slow, even the monsters fading out when defeated, like the entire game has been dialed down to go in slowmo.

Have you installed any new software or anything like that lately? Or maybe changed some settings with your video card? I haven’t changed anything with the game that would make it suddenly lag if it was working fine before.

My first thought was I hit some kind of button or key that made the game slow down but I couldn’t imagine what it was and didn’t know if something like that even existed, given how consistently slow it became

Updating my video card drivers fixed it, thanks for confirming it was on my side

Wait, no, it got slow again after alt tabbing out into discord for a bit… odd…

Are you running the game in windowed mode? Try setting it to windowed mode and leaving it at the default size and see if that helps.

Oh wow, I set it to windowed and hit maximize to try to hit it again and reset it to default, the game froze with distorted visuals, screen went black with a horrible grinding audio, then my computer hard rebooted. It seems the video card update made the slow mo intermittant, although its about 80% slow to 20% spurts of normal

It sounds like something is either wrong with the video card drivers or the card itself in that case - a game can’t cause your computer to reboot unless there’s an underlying issue.

I play other games such as Smite and Soul Calibur 6 without any issues… reinstalling the driver didn’t seem to help anything. This is the only game I play having that issue. Updating drivers did slightly change the issue. The only other thing I can think of is Windows forced me to update around when this started happening.

Do you have an insane amount of decorations in your castle? Like, hundreds? That was causing issues for someone yesterday.

I do not, but I did customize some things a little bit.

Just out of curiosity I started up Siralim 3 and made a new game. Once finishing the intro quest and starting to use the teleporter, the same bug is happening where the game is in slow motion. It seems something up on my end interacting weird with game maker or the game’s code and I’ve no clue how to fix it. It’s like something is locking the FPS into some low rate. My best guess is still a problem with the windows update, as that’s the only thing that would affect both games.

I wonder if your video drivers are trying to lock the game’s FPS down somehow. Can you tell me what video card you have? I’ll see if I can come up with some ideas.

NVidia GeForce GTX 770. When I updated the drivers today from your advice, it went from constant slowmo to occasional stutters. Right after the update and at the very start of Siralim 3 the problem didn’t exist but then it became fairly permanent.