Suggestion for "Salvage all unlocked artifacts" at the smith

There should be a “Salvage all unlocked artifacts” at the smith.

Make it require 2 confirmations at the second row so people dont mistakenly do it.
Would be a very nice quality of life improvement for the game.

Yes please! I have to constantly salvage artifacts or they will get out of control.

Please, please do this soon. I have 30 pages of artifacts (at the salvage screen, so multiply that by 18). I figured it was ‘manageable’ enough. I got about 90% standard materials, which are completely useless at this point in the game to me (I have about 900 of each). I got some legendary materials, but I can get them so much faster from emblems and even choose the exact one in almost all cases. The only material I wanted to get was the rare material for pumpkin, which at character level 1000, I’ve gotten a grand total of 3… enough to make 1 enchant. It’s a powerful skill, so I don’t particularly mind the rarity, though it is an odd outlier.

The main reason I was going to do this was to see the difference in loading times. I’m at 7-8 seconds now on my main save. Unfortunately, I couldn’t test it, because after about 200 salvages the game crashed. Please give us some option. Either delete all artifacts (most people at higher level don’t care, and it just slows down their game), or salvage all artifacts, or a choice to loot only artifacts that have legendary enchants (or similar).

Mass Salvaging will probably be in the next patch, but I don’t have an ETA on that quite yet.

That’s fine, don’t really mind leaving them there until then. For those of us quite far along, there’s no use doing anything with them, so we just leave them sitting around.

Was the pumpkin material intended to be quite so rare?

Pretty sure it’s only supposed to drop during the Halloween event. The only reason anyone can get mats for it at all is because it still procs randomly on found artifacts, and you can salvage them for a chance to get the mat back.

OK, that would explain it. I guess I should be happy that I got a whole one, then :).