Suggestion for Scrolls - Updating to make more useful

I am just wondering if it would be fair to make this list of scrolls become (does not consume the turn) for at the moment are not very useful when they waste your turn.

So I will list off what I currently have and suggest get changed to not consume the creatures turn.
Basically reason is the single target spells are not all that great when they use a turn. most have an all creature version that I rather use. I can’t remember out of these are already set to not consume a turn so please excuse those errors lol. So some suggestions…

Scroll of Elemental Guard (single target spell)
Scroll of Holy Armor (single target)
Scroll of Entangle (single target)
Scroll of Healing (waste turn and enemy can just take all that health away again)
Scroll of Minor Healing (same as above)
Scroll of Identify creature (does this consume the turn, haven’t tested yet?)
Scroll of invisibility (forget if consumes turn or not)
Scroll of Molten Armor
Scroll of Protect
Scroll of Resurrection (seems pointless when you revive, turn ends, enemies kill what you just revived then kill you lol)
Scroll of Sacrilege (single target berserk, should allow multiple casting if wanted in 1 turn)
Scroll of Serendipity (single target)
Scroll of Spell Ward (Single target, should allow multiple in a turn)

It would also greatly help with me wanting to use these spells and perhaps my stock will begin to come down and give me reason to hunt down more scrolls lol. I don’t like using a single target defense boost and waste the turn when I can use an all creature defense boost instead. Hope it makes sense. The single revive and single heal for sure could be much more helpful if did not consume a turn. what you guys think?

Also im sure theres more single target scrolls that could benefit.

I agree!

The plan is to revamp the majority of the game’s spells soon. They’re not quite where I want them to be right now, and since most of them were created during Siralim’s beta phase, they don’t feel very “up to date” when you consider all the new buffs/debuffs and game mechanics that have been added since that point. I also have some extra graphics sitting here that would allow me to add another 30-40 spells to the game, so that will be a very nice change of pace.

oh right on :slight_smile: … great to here even more spells on the way to! lots of fun when there is so much variety in spells to find out in the world.