Suggestion - Goblet of Giving Specialization Requirements

I would like to suggest a few things for the Goblet of Giving. Can mix, match change or flat out ignore but I believe it would be helpful to add at least one into the game.

-Until you reach max Perk Points allow the Specialization Requirement to be any Specialization.

-Give us the option to reroll the required Specialization for Resources.

-Allow us to lock in one or more Specializations. The rewards would be like you only had one Specialization unlocked or as many as you selected.

I think it is a great idea to have a reason to try the other Specializations. They are so many types of Specializations that in the future it would be very fun to try them all.
That being said as you know the focus of some Specializations do not work with other Specializations. Changing my entire monster line up and Artifacts when I don’t have my main Specialization dialed in and all my Perks is a bit annoying. Once I have maxed Perks I could accept and even welcome it as another mountain that I need to crush. The current issue I have is my melee focused group having to change to a Gem focused group. I am going from a Necromancer to an Evoker. A night and day difference with the only solution a lot of time and substantial amounts of materials.
I remember the game saying I would get more resources if I had more Specializations opened up. I don’t remember the game telling me it would start to be random every ten levels once I did. That is why this is alpha right? At the very least a more clear picture of what you are in store for if none of the above suggestions work.
Siralim Ultimate is fun and really is head and shoulders better then Siralim 3 and you don’t even have everything in yet. I am looking forward to everything that awaits. Thank you for all the work your doing.

Just another player’s two cents on this:

  • I don’t agree with the first one.

  • Second option honestly sounds like the best and easiest way to handle this concern.

  • Third option is a good idea too, albeit likely a lot more work for Thylacine than the second option.

I think the third option is best, but probably just implement it in early access, right now it can be annoying if you’ve unlocked a spec and you then don’t really like it but there’s always a team build available that can just work regardless of spec.

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Giving some kind of reroll would be nice, as we have options like that in other areas of the game. Some specs needs pretty specific teams to work too, which means it could be a while before someone is able to complete the goblet in it’s current state.

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I’ve only been using the specs it gives me for my highest realms, it feels like I’m wasting them otherwise, but have started to “exploit” a re-roll when it’s stuff like Inquisitor as those battles tend to be long and boring.

But yeah currently you can re-roll the rewards and chosen spec by exiting without saving and reloading the last save (it autosaves when entering the castle, or you can manually save just before using the Goblet) but if you get anything you really want from the Goblet’s rewards, you probably won’t want to re-roll even if it’s an annoying class.

Most specs I can just use my Diabolic Hordes if I don’t want to build a special team, though.

But yeah, I wish there was an option to re-roll for resources instead, then if you’re having a hard time partway through, you could always get a different one to try or such.