Suggestion: Makes forging sytem relevant.

The current forging system right now only relevant on the first 10 floors or so.
After that I think forging is totally pointless. It’s infinitely faster and much more cost effective to disenchant a high level artifact you get elsewhere rather than having to kills hundreds monsters to level them up.

Maybe add another option to forge artifacts with random enchantments on them. (cost 5k granite?)
Alternatively make the artifact drop rate much lower and always drop at level 1 only. (Please don’t!)
Or allow random enchantments on them when forging artifacts touched by gods.

What do you mean by random enchantments?

I’m assuming he means a Random Trait

Sorry. In game language is “Stat” like afflict scorn on hit. But I didn’t want to use the word stat since it can be confused with main stats(atk, hp, spd).

yup you got me

Maybe not random TRAITS, but forging a random level 4 or 5 artifacts with random STAT and On Hit, When Hit, Start With, etc. would be interesting.

I do not agree with that. Then forging would be just like random drops.

Personally I think every artifact should have 10 slots unlocked from the start but be level 1. Artifact levels should increase the range artifact stats can roll in.
For example non-health secondary stats would reroll/enchant between 37.5% and 62.5% of character level on a level 1 artifact. With every artifact level this range increases until it hits the current 75% and 125% of character level range. This way you actually have to use an artifact to unlock its full power but can customize it from the start.

Or maybe disenchanting should be more expensive? to motivate making a new artifact?

Any change that will make the forging system relevant is welcome in my opinion. From the achievements, majority of the players don’t use this system beyond 5 times. Those that did, did it for achievement and salvage them right after. Might as well move this option to the bottom of the menu.

Increasing disenchant costs would make players consider forging a new artifact, yes. But I think it will have to be crazy expensive like 20k-50k. Having to kill thousands of monsters is much harder otherwise.

I agree. I’ve only forged one item, but it’s really not useful as it is right now.