Suggestion: More economic/exploration traits

Maybe I’m weird, but I’m a sucker for economy skills and one of the few disappointments I have with Siralim 2 is that your team loadout doesn’t really have much impact on grinding or realm exploration (outside Dumplings, obviously, which are still fairly limited.) Unfortunately most creatures are spoken for and there aren’t going to be many new ones, but having more effects that affect resource gathering/item interaction/etc. would be a fun way to help alleviate some of the grind.

At base, you could simply have creatures that help you generate more of a specific resource: +X% brimstone collected, or breakable objects are three times as likely to contain granite, etc. Possibly including some traits for generating faith with individual gods, since that’s one of the biggest grinds in the game. But there could be other trait possibilities geared towards other map item interactions. A “grave robber” trait that earns more loot from tombstone objects, a “trader” trait that gets more drops from nomad interactions, “miner” for getting extra goodies from resource nodes, traits that lower (or raise!) the possibility of ambushes, what have you. I think these would be fun in general and would also help distinguish the different realms a bit more since you’d want to tweak your loadout based on where you’re headed.

Cool ideas, thanks!

On a somewhat related note, there are actually a lot of new traits that will be added to the game. Not only will there be over 100 new creatures, there will also be a lot of new legendary materials available that offer traits that can’t be found on any creatures, so you’d just have to put them on your artifacts or Nether Creatures instead.