Suggestion: Power Ritual Augment via unwanted items!

So I’m playing 2.0.13 and I still feel that items are overabundant. I have tons of stuff I will never feasibly be able to use, lots of “throw it away” type stuff. Another person has suggested a “discard all” option because they’re trying to keep their inventory clean.

Most RPGs have an overabundance of stuff, but they let you sell all your junk to vendors. For Siralim, what if we could dump all of our junk into that giant goblet when performing a power ritual to “enhance” it?

Suddenly all that junk we have too much of has some use! Just make sure its not 1 item at a time haha.

lol not a bad idea but there is a slight issue. The goblet LOVES to hand you like 5 Major sigils a lot. Doing all 5 in high level realms nets you quite a few items in return. Quality for sure but still gives out the throw away’s. Most likely your gonna have enough to auto finish a goblet again and while this helps spend power which I seem to have a real abundant of, I think your gonna end up with many of the goblets rare items a little to easily or end up with TONS of major sigils. I got over 20 majors doing 5 goblets lol.

I personally would love to be able to actually sell off consumables for small amount of specific resource of choice. I seem to spend tons of crystal and brimestone on artifacts and transmutations. And now I spend TONS of essence on the gem upgrades which is very nice. Granite is always very low due to constant upgrading of monster tiers (currently at 28).

I am sad to throw away items and I do wish I could get a little something back for ones I don’t want. Same could be said for the orbs. I like the idea behind your idea. I think boosting the goblet with consumables though would be way over power and allow for way to easy to get all the special cores and such.

hmm I just realized… when you say enchanced… do you mean it adds ritual to it or it just would have a higher chance to give better items? Giving out better items would also kinda negate the better power spells character royalty thing.

It could do anything really, I just think throwing things into the giant goblet is thematic!

There could also be a separate thing, like a recycling goblet, where you pour items into it and start a ritual and it returns items or resources or something.

Mostly it would just be nice to do something with all the junk!

I’m definitely liking where this going! The multi hundreds stacks of unused items would love to see a purpose.