Suggestion: Projects Cost and a bit about Prophecies

    40k cost for Projects feels to high please decrease.
    Reason unable to make enough Granite to keep 5 projects going.
    For Prophecies please limit the number of high cost Projects to 1 do to cost and time.
    OR adjust the amount of Piety gained more from higher time and resource needed Prophecies.

                            LONG WINDED VERSION:

Projects used to range from 10k to 20k. During this time I was able to run 5 Projects with a little thought so I didn’t eat up to much of my Granite. Currently projects range from 10k to 40k. During this time I have gone from over 300k Granite down to 64,000. Depending on the purpose of Projects this maybe as intended at which point poof we are done. From my view Projects were something to add to the dungeon diving. You were not just going down in depth but were working towards a mini goal felt pretty good. Having the ability to run 5 projects but only able to really run maybe 2 or 3 at a time seems sorta off.

Same issue but on another part of the game is Prophecies. Many more options were added to the bingo card and it was a great addition to an already good system. The problem I am running into is the Prophecies that require say 2 Training Mission Projects. I could be wrong but I am pretty sure I have seen up to 3. The point is this is 80k Granite. I am at realm depth 182 with no need to stop and the Realms just can’t give me enough Granite to do this and say the Complete Missions Prophecies continually. I am not even going to go into the time verse cost of completing these Prophecies but it is not worth it from my point of view. If the idea with the bingo board Prophecies is the more you do the more you get the amount of Piety needs to be adjusted. A once over on the Piety earned I assume is in the future sense at this point getting 1 or 2 lines and turning it it seems to make more Piety then trying to complete the board verses time it took to complete. The last suggestion was more of a feeling then any real numbers to back it up but I bet its not wrong. At this point everything is in flux and I assume you probably do have the numbers so just have to wait for the magic to happen.
Have very much enjoyed the 0.4.0 patches so far thank you again for all the hard work.