Suggestion-Realm Instability-Realm Properties


Great game, always enjoyed Siralim and Realm instability is a great addition. However, would it be possible to either “unhide” the realm properties or allow some kind of exclude list… While the extra challenge is fun some realm properties absolutely shut down a team, or can be downright annoying. Debuff: Scorn never going away is one of them.

While I realize from a gameplay perspective allowing players to mix max the realm properties might open the game up to being broken, it seems a better alternative then having a hidden function result in a team wipe. Its enough of a anxiety trip worrying that one of those “I’m completely worthless in general but oh can i shut down your team” creatures is going to appear on its own (X. Just food for thought, worst case I will just use the feature less.

Thanks for reading!


I agree! At the very least, we probably need some more variety in terms of what Realm Properties can appear. I’m at realm 100+, and each depth level has 6 random properties in addition to Enemies being fused and Instability, and it feels like I have to shuffle at least once every selection to avoid absolutely loss-guaranteeing things, like “P: Can’t Resurrect” or (in my case) “P: Can’t Gain Gems”. As DeathDeviant said, there’s enough chance for one of the 12 traits in an enemy party to just randomly shut down your party; the Realm Properties on top of that add a difficulty that feels equivalent to a half-full CJ in a 500+ Itherian Realm from Siralim 3, only that could be adjusted much more widely!

I think a good solution would be to remove some of the “absolute” Realm Properties in favor of fluctuating percentages, which get higher as Realm depth increases. For example, instead of just a flat “P: Can’t Resurrect”, maybe something like “P: Creatures fail to Resurrect 15-50% of the time”. That would at least feel less impossible and be something that doesn’t instantly demand reshuffling.

Regardless, thanks Thylacine Studios for the lovely game! Everything else feels damn near perfect.


Personally, I’d like the option to add realm properties but not have them required. Sometimes I’m just grinding and don’t feel like looking at the description of each level to see if I need to change the macro I’m using.


I’d like to give another shoutout to the exclude list. Something that you could unlock more exclude slots by doing certain things in game, and you could potentially filter out specific properties that break your build, without having to double check each time and watch to reroll.

Alternatively, something that could “lock” the realm instabilities for a certain number of runs (10, 20, etc?) so you could grind without thinking about them too much.