Suggestion-Realm Property Boss

Suggested Improvement:
Realm Boss that Doesn’t Move and has a graphical HALO or something
[when Defeated] Can choose to add 1 of 2 realm properties OR remove a realm property
[Upon return to Castle] Lose these chosen realm properties
[Benefit] Gives players control over realm properties, with the investment of continual dungeon-ing
[Add option to save within Dungeon and return to exact spot]


So it should come as no surprise that the primary players of games like this are grinders, and people that like collecting monsters. These player types lend themselves to involved game features and control, thats why EV in Pokemon was such a hit among hardcore players, and Siralim players enjoy trait exploitation. Nothing lost by adding this feature, and it gives players a greater sense of control in a game whose semi-random monster spawning can wreck havoc on design.

Anyone agree/disagree?