Suggestion: "Tail" attacks

usually you king/god (first character in the snake) makes contact with the enemy but sometimes the enemy catches your snake tail.
i would alter either your speed or monster speed based on which part of your snake made contact with the monster.
Something like:
King (first): +5% to your speed; 1st mob: -5%; 2nd mob: -10%; 3th mob: -15%; 4th mob: -20%; 5th mob: -25%; 6th mob: -30%
If multiple members of your snake are on the same tile the best one would be chosen.
Or maybe it should not be speed for the whole battle just the placement for the first round.
Anyway it would be fun if something was done in this area.

If something like this happens, I would like if monsters were “snaked” too.

Eh it’s an interesting suggestion, but I would be opposed to this. Seems like too much micromanagement to me.