Suggestion to spice up artifacts

I love the artifact system being able to equip creatures and give cool bonuses, I am starting to nitpick a bit with how they could really be improved on.
Right now what it seems to really lack is element of surprise / diversity or the feel of it being special. I will try and explain on this.

Artifacts are very set with your characters current level when it comes to Primary and Secondary stats. When you collect enough and play around you notice a pattern and suddenly what I once thought was very cool and special suddenly isn’t so much.
I personally feel the set in stone stat’s that are generated such as primary always having the same amount of a stat (attack, all defense, hitpoints etc.) when say you find 2 weapon artifacts at the same character level; this after awhile feels kind of bland.

The secondary stats also become bland as you can always control what you want on it plus always going after max rolls. I don’t know why but it saddens me after realizing this, hunting for new artifacts really felt it lost its purpose.

Finding an artifact at character level 10 weapon with primary stats 30 attack , 34 speed (secondary whatever you want)
Secondary can always roll to updated character level so when you find an artifact weapon at lv 70 Primary is like 75 attack , 81 speed (secondary is again whatever you want) The only thing that slightly changes is Primary stats are higher.

However Primary stats are set in stone it seems per character level and I feel artifacts can be SO much more interesting to well keep us loot hunters excited lol. The recent Nether orb addition is fantastic to hear! So now I would like to try and give an idea to promote Artifacts as being equally awesome to hunt for.

Introducing: Unique / Legendary Artifacts (whichever sounds better lol)

  • When a Unique artifact is found its is Unidentified
  • To Identify requires a special person whom you would need to find randomly in the realm and recruit to castle (basically like Emblem guy lol)
  • Requires a Ritual + resources to begin the identification.
  • Once Identified after ritual is completed they spawn with 3-5 Primary Stats (however many feels appropriate)
    • The stats spawn power is also based around character level however they are not fixed to specific numbers and they are also much better in comparison to basic artifact primary rolls. They also increase per level gain for direct stat types.
  • The item always starts at level 1
  • Requires more kills to level up
  • When it levels up gains a new Secondary slot, to fill these slots require you to speak to (identifier person) Requires X amount materials (any mats) + Resources and begins a Ritual to fill new slot with RANDOM new stat, ability etc.
    • Example level 2 slot requires 10 (any) materials + 3000 Resources (whichever ones feel appropriate by Devs to use)
    • These randomly generated slots give much higher bonuses on average than regular artifacts.
    • Able to add one legendary craftable (Legend craft gets added to Primary rather than Secondary)
  • Unable to re-roll stats, Un-able to remove stats (it’s suppose to be unique, not become what everything else is)
  • Each level up requires more materials + resources and another ritual to fill new slots. Gets more expensive higher the level.
    • Example level 3 slot now requires 15 materials (any) + 5000 Resources + longer ritual
  • When found they also have 0/1 Slots used. You must begin the slot rituals to even get the 1st extra bonus.
  • When filling in a new secondary slot, the (power / strength) of this new stat / ability will scale with character level.
    • Example if you found it at lv 50 and at 51 you fill in a new slot, it will be at a lv 51 level.
    • This is to help with the scaling and to not make it obsolete to normal artifacts that can re-roll and update.
    • Also note when new uniques are found at higher levels their primary can be much better than a lower level unique found.
      • Same as how basic artifacts works when it comes to having better primary the higher the level.
  • Ultra Rare to find of course :slight_smile:
  • Able to re-name your Unique / Legendary artifact by the same person who Identifies for resources (cost)
  • possibly use many cool randomized generated art for when you find unique artifact. (weapon, shield, armor etc)
  • Imagine you find a sword type unique and it generates to look like a saber or a flame sword

Some examples of say lv 3 uniques all found at character level 50.

(Unique 1) (Unique 2) (Unique 3)
Primary Stats Primary Stats Primary Stats
Attack: 103 Attack: 112 Attack: 132
All Defense: 72 All Defense: 71 All Defense: 92
Spell Power Bonus: 18 Spell Power Bonus: 23 Spell Power Bonus: 25
Speed: 123 Speed: 101 Speed: 130

Secondary Stats Secondary Stats Secondary Stats
Granite Bonus: 48% Granite Bonus: 61% Granite Bonus: 41%
Attack Bonus: 25% Attack Bonus: 21% Attack Bonus: 28%
Speed: 285 Speed: 234 Speed: 256

This is just showing what I mean with primary stats are not set in stone such as basic artifacts are.
Also secondary is just showing different amounts and these stats can not be erased or re-rolled.
A more realistic view would be like this
example 2 uniques found with a level 50 character, both are lv 1 now and stats are.

(Unique 1) (Unique 2)
Primary Stats Primary Stats
Attack: 154 Speed: 128
Nature Defense: 390 Spell Power Bonus: 28
All Defense: 102 Speed: 108
Brimstone Bonus: 61% Death Defense: 412

Direct stats + defenses should increase as item levels (primary only), but special bonuses should remain what they began at.

Thats a bunch of ways I thought of how it could be done. I would like the current artifacts you find now to stay the same so people who enjoy having full control still gets to have that fun. This is an alternative and neat idea for people like me who would rather an artifact feel much more personal. What does everyone else think? I personally think this would be Bad frikkin A** and really exciting! lol

I miss being able to forge artifacts with more than 70 slots… :-[

Actually instead of when it levels up and it auto fills a slot, it requires X amount of materials to get the next slot to become filled. Last thing I want is materials becoming obsolete and this could be a cool way to use up less useful ones. Say it requires 10 Materials and those 10 can be anything. Of course this idea is raw and im sure I am missing holes somewhere lol

Wow you could forge level 70 artifacts at one point? lol. See I guess say we could forge 70 slot artifacts… make 6 then fill all 70 slots with anything you wanted… it seems to easy and kinda bland. This is only my feelings about it though. I think thats where I am trying to give this other option of something special with my main post :slight_smile:

I agree that too many slots can be like too many ingredients in a stew. It also creates a lot of unnecessary dialogue to wade through when every attack has a chance to inflict every debuff in the game, any attack could trigger any buff in the game, and you are just going to wipe them out using abilities anyway. Even then there were lots of slots left over, so could lard it up with all attack or all health or all defense buffs, and double any stat on your critter.

Now, to make the game have a classic, early Final Fantasy / tabletop feel, I wish creatures had multiple and sensible equipment slots. I with I could put the helmet/hat artifacts on the head, the rings on the fingers, the boots on the feet, etc. Perhaps a creature could have more than one slot to equip an artifact, based on level to some max, but could only ever equip one artifact enchanted with a legendary ability.

Enchantment types could be specific to artifact types, protection spells to things like rings, cloaks, gloves and shields, attack spells to weapons, you get the picture.

I like the premise behind this idea a lot, actually. It needs some fine-tuning to make sure it makes sense and flows well mechanically, but I think there’s definitely room in the game for this sort of thing. Thanks for the idea! I’d like to hear some more opinions/comments about this.

Having a Diablo style equipfest gets bogged down really, really easily because you’d have to put subgroups in Artifacts for each type - you’d accumulate a ton of them over time. You need to set an early limit.

I would suggest a Royalty stat (Packrat? Hordemaster? Batman Disciple?) that lets you equip more than one artifact on your creatures at a time, with the caveat of only one Legendary enchant per creature. The cost would obviously be high - something on the order of 10*(skill level) points for the next one, with a maximum of three, say? Another restriction could be that you can’t equip two items of the same type: weapons, armors, or miscellaneous (this prevents Smiths from wrecking game balance entirely).

Presumably, if you did that you could even expand further with creatures that play with the artifact rules. Concepts:

Gilgamesh: No weapon artifact limit. Gains 150% bonus damage from weapons.

Titan Minotaur: May equip two artifacts in each artifact slot.

Brownie Infiltrator: Deals 50% more damage for each artifact target creature has equipped.

Arcbolt Efreet: Causes a one-turn stun effect on any creature that attacks him with a weapon equipped.

haha absolutely, this is a very rough draft I would call it. Its great to see you like the idea :slight_smile:
I really like the idea of having to use materials (any) as a cost to fill the next slot perhaps the higher the item level the higher the cost gets. Would really benefit making all them basic materials we may never use gain a purpose.

Perhaps also when going to (fill the new slot) you have to talk to the unidentifer person, pay the materials + even resources and start another ritual for it to complete. Basically its like he is working his magic to unlock the power lol

Gotta admit I like the idea behind this also. I think of how your main character leveled up unlocked the slots for more monsters up to 6. Would be pretty amazing if a creature had the same, the more it leveled more slots got unlocked for equipment (player chooses which equipment type to unlock) Then we would really be going hardcore on playtime building a team haha! Imagine Working your butt off to build Nether creatures, then as they level enables other equipment slots to unlock (how many areas does it cover?) Then we got this unique / legendary thing also to work hard at. My poor soul would never put phone down. Hell I will buy steam version also So I can play on computer!

This game would evolve into the most amazing addict thing to ever exist haha. Its already pretty much there, well beyond anything I have played in past.

Also if say such things do get implemented I think enemies should also get the benefit also if your creatures have the benefit :slight_smile: like if you had some uniques equipped, enemies should have a chance to spawn with unique artifacts of their own that way its not so lop sided. gotta give the enemy percs to :slight_smile:

I’m still low enoughlvl that most of these changes would take some time for me to build into. I do like the idea of extra artifacts for monster, but think that should be a bonus specifically set aside for neither to make them that much stronger and worth getting. Say one extra artifact slot per 50 level doubling every artifact slot. That means your neither creature woud have 2 artifact slots at lvl 50 and 3 at lvl 150 and 4 at 350 and continue if wanted. I don’t think the wild monsters should get legendary equips, just maybe major signal battles, but the goal is to fight in higher tier realms and its already decently hard to push into them.

I updated the main post to give the idea more detail and make more sense after some of the discussion here :slight_smile:

So any idea zack how you think something like this can work for the game? Doesn’t seem to be getting much feedback from anyone atm lol. Also don’t look at the examples using a phone haha. Didn’t realize the text got distorted in wrong places

I’m still not exactly sure how/when/where it’ll fit in just yet. I am hesitant to add any more complexity to artifacts since it’s already tough to manage 6 artifacts for your main team, but I am still considering ways to improve the system anyway.

sounds good :slight_smile: I can understand it seems like a big task for this type of suggestion lol. always look forward for the future for when artifacts receive something new and awesome. I hope one day they will feel more unique and personal between the next one you find :slight_smile:

As long as I can name my artifacts at some point, I will be a happy gamer. That being said, these suggestions are pretty awesome, so don’t think I mean to say they aren’t!


At least the option for one weapon artefact and one armour, please!

Artifacts would need to be completely rebalanced. They are set up to work as one per creature items. Letting creatures equip more than one means you need to scrap current artifacts and remake them to balance with that new system.