[suggestion] Way to pause Mage leveling but keep leveling creatures

I’m mostly messing around with gene strengths for my creatures right now, and my mage keeps getting levels that really make grinding a team up close to my mage level more and more of a hassle.

My suggestion is a punishment to pause the levels on my mage so I can get my team up to par without having to play this seemingly endless game of catch up.

I actually talked about this on chat earlier. Some of my favorite parts of this game are leveling and breeding new creatures, but it takes so long to get them up to a decent gene strength. I also want to be able to control the new creatures that appear, that was something I really appreciate about Siralim 1.

Yeah, I saw your post in the chat, and really liked it. I combed the forum really fast to make sure someone else hadn’t and went ahead and made a post for it.
It’s a 100% great idea in my opinion.
Like, even if the pay off for pausing the mage level is an EXP cut to the creatures, I’m fine with that if I’m not having to waste so much time trying to catch up to my mage level as I am now.

I agree, i actually was wondering if there is a way to do it, so it seems there is no.