Suggestions for making artifact realms relevant long term

Early on a 2x stat boost in stats is pretty significant, but they lose their relevance when a player has six artifacts already crafted or is at a point where artifacts don’t contribute much to their stats.

Some type of reward / improvement to artifacts by rerunning their floors would help.

  • Maybe improving the impact of one type of secondary stat(mana) at the expense of the other stat boost types being reduced.
  • Rerunning an artifact realm adds an additional slot
  • Rerun an artifact realm to sacrifice one of your spell gems to be placed on your artifact so that any creature can cast it.

Any other ideas?

I like this suggestion. It also would eliminate the need for my suggestion ‘Remove “artifact depth 20” from Tasks’.

Maybe add an extra 20 levels every… 5000 mage levels? I guess that could get out of hand.

But yeah, there could be different “tiers” of artifact realms, like the first time you do it you get the 100%Q, then you get an additional slot, then something else.