Suggestions on possible infinite teams

Ok so… right now im using
Troll Arsonist x3/Fallen Carnage Nether/Raven Acolyte/Cinder Devil Nether
TA1 - Resin/ Topaz Attunement
TA2 - Resin/ Back For More
TA3 - Resin/ Topaz Atunement
FC - Midnight Feast/ Dissection
RA - Everythings Gone/ Resin
CD - A Little Piece Of Hell/ Calamity

Basically 1 TA with attunement goes in each row, Everything dies, FC 1 shots everything and im in the 70’s floors atm, been climbing all day. Problem is i know this isnt going to get me too far in so… i need suggestions for setups that will get me infinite. more than 1 would be cool. so i can pick whichever i like and start working on it. Thanks!

2x Topaz Paragon (Afterlife, Curse of the Silent)
4x Doom Devil (Cloak and Dagger)

Ooh, that’s good. Though I’d be tempted to work in a Calamity to speed things along.

Edit: Never mind, I’m dumb. The point is it goes infinitely deep, so Calamity isn’t going to kill anything after some point.

It’s not perfect. Splash damage horribly murders it, in particular Skeletal Mortarsman. I’d have gone 6x Cloak and Dagger but I don’t actually have that many of them yet.

I’ll look into that setup, keep em comin! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea i see how that build easily becomes infinite, but seems cheap as hell… lol, any other suggestions?

Won’t any successful infinite build be cheap as hell pretty much by definition?

You don’t get an infinite build by playing fair.

The other two main options I can think of are full Paraslime teams and the Ritualist setup. Ritualist usually goes something like

Ritualist (Final Oblation)
5x Lich Overseer (Cloak and Dagger)

So even if the enemy has a Frenzy Ghoul OR a Bone Reaper OR a Mortarsman you always have a backup survival tactic while Doom ticks down. You can set the whole team to Defend and just Turbo through everything, even.

If you get a Bone Reaper and a Frenzy Ghoul and the same time then God wants you to lose, pretty much.