Suggestions Part 1 by JPMan - Creature tagging, Add favorites tab for creatures, Macro for (Boss), (Mimic), (is not dead), (go to) --> (line X)


I would like to suggest having macro for a Boss or Mimic enemy. Also please add (is not dead) / (is alive) condition. A (go to) → (line X) would also be viable once a condition is met, will go to the preferred line of your macro.

Having a favorites tab for creatures you would want to summon later on and strategize as part of your team composition would be great. Instead of going through a whole list of creatures over and over again, containing about 20+ pages. This would ease up creating a team that suits your style of play and come come back to it whenever you want some changes. Having the favorites tab listed in the summoning shrine menu would be great, wherein you could create a list of favorites that you can rename afterwards(i.e Favorites Tab1 can be renamed “DPS Build”, Favorites Tab2 renamed to “Whatever Build” and so on) then these favorites can be selected via dropdown list, where you can summon your creatures on those favorites tabs directly if the creature is available for summon. Once summoned, the registered creature will still be on the list but will be greyed out or a status “not ready” may be displayed just to show that the creature is not yet available for summon.

Also able to filter creatures via tags would be great as well(i.e filter creatures with tag “provoke”, “cast”, “debuff”, “attack”), that would list down all creatures according to those taggings. The rest of the creatures can go to “others” tag if conditions not met.