Summoning more than one core at a time

I would really like a feature that asks how many cores we would like to summon. With breeding sometimes you just want to summon 50 of the same creature to use as breeding partners with your team. You have to spam click to summon them and go to the page and find the creature each time. If we had an option like at the transmute screen where you can trans more than one material at the time for summons that would be great. This could also be used for charms but isn’t as big of a deal there.


Yes… make it like making charms, thats really easy and fast… but summoning - very booring, longtime procedure

This makes sense to me. Unfortunately not at the point where I need it yet, but when I am it’d be nice =-)

This please!

Considering the way breeding works, I’d say this is more mandatory than anything. To get huge amounts of Gene, you need A LOT of monsters, so… yeah. Over the span of the game’s life that’s a lot of clicks. Our hands will be forever greatful, Zack.