Super Turbo Mode?

I have a stat buffing party, and even on turbo mode it can take quite a while each of my turns. I propose making a super turbo mode, so the stat changes would be as fast as Sense of Purpose is. Once Sense of Purpose (all party members get 25% HP healed) happens in my party, Dreams of Ice (30% Def when healed) happens to each creature, then Beast Within (+Att when other stat is gained), and a few others. It seems the green changes (like Sense of Purpose) happen all at once to my party, so it goes quickly. The Blue ones (+Def, +Att, etc.) take much longer and go one creature and one stat at a time. I really don’t care if I can see how much exactly each creature was buffed, I just want battles to not take nearly as long (but I love the effectiveness of my stat buff party!)

Condensing battle messages is difficult from a technical perspective as it could cause messages to be displayed in a strange order. However, I have definite plans to improve turbo mode a bit to make it move more quickly.

Thanks for responding! I am glad you are looking into speeding things up =) For now I am making a new team that does not buff as much.